Professionally I work as the Assistant Curator of Archaeology at the Yorkshire Museum, responsible for the curation, interpretation, documentation and advocacy of a designated archaeology collection relating to York city and North Yorkshire. The collection ranges from the Middle Palaeolithic to the early Post-Medieval periods, with particular focus on the Roman, Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval periods of York’s history. I am additionally responsible for the training of volunteers in object handling, supervision of several post-graduate students and for the planning, managing and writing-up of small scale archaeological excavations.

In an academic capacity I am currently undertaking PhD research with the Open University collating the evidence for and questioning the function of magic in Roman Britain. The project aims to look at the disparate evidence for magic in terms of its contextual significance, including: phallic imagery, inscribed and portable amulets, Jet and Amber objects, lamellae, figurines etc.


BA(hons) Ancient History and Archaeology, University of Leicester (2009)
MA Rome & Its Neighbours, University of Leicester (2010)
PhD Classical Studies, Open University (Current)

Other Publications

2015. “The Fist-and-Phallus Pendant from Roman Catterick”, Britannia 46. 135-149.

2015. “Excavations in the South Transept of St. Mary’s Abbey”, FORUM: The Journal of the Council for British Archaeology, Yorkshire 4. 71-76.

2016. with Ross, C. “A New Phallic Carving from Roman Catterick”, Britannia 47. 271-279.

2016. “Staring at Death: The Jet Gorgoneia of Roman Britain”, in Hoss, S. and Whitmore, A. (eds.) Small Finds and Ancient Social Practices in the Northwest Provinces of the Roman Empire. Oxford, Oxbow. 98-116.

2016. “Shallow Surprises: Excavations in York’s St. Mary’s Abbey”, Medieval Archaeology 60 (2). 377-382.

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