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    I guess I am here at last. Unbumdling these very vatied approaches is actually instrumental to the development in art historical discuss and research. Borrowing from several Yoruba proverbs. I give two examples here- ohun to koju senikan ehin lo ko si omiran… What faces an individual, backs another. In other words we sometimes or in…[Read more]


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Stephen Fọlárànmí. and Omidiran, P.G. (2010) Africa Happening: Bits and Pieces, an Exhibition of paintings, the halls @ Bowling Green, 7th floor Brooklyn College Graduate Center for Worker Education 25 Broadway, New York, USA. ISBN 978–1–4507–7501–4.

Stephen Fọlárànmí (2009). Unity and Identity in Diversity, an International Travelling Solo Exhibition of over 30 paintings as part of the Hoffmann Dozent Fellowship programme The University of Vechta, GermanyISBN 978–3–00–029105–0


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