I hold an MA in Asian Studies from Bogazici University, in Istanbul, Turkey. Primarily within this field, I am more focused on political sociology – with a particular interest in the theories set forth by Michels, Pareto, and Mosca. I study Japan and South Korea as my countries of primary concern. With regards to Japan, my interests are concentrated on elite theories and party politics, while for South Korea my interests are primarily on Korean identity and nationalism, and Hallyu. I am also interested in urban sociology, especially focusing on how the socio-political finds its reflections on the city.

My master’s thesis titled “Understanding Jimintō (Liberal Democratic Party) Factionalism as a Structure of Elite Circulation in Japanese Politics” focuses on LDP factions as structures through which circulation of elites occurs in the political circles of Japan, with an eye towards both a better understanding of LDP’s factions within the context of Japan’s ruling class and to add to the existing literature on elite theory as well.

During my undergraduate studies, I was a Dual Diploma Program student, majoring in Global and International Affairs at Middle East Technical University and Binghamton University (which is a part of the SUNY system). I hold a BSc. in Global and International Affairs from both colleges, with separate GPAs and complementary transcripts, as well as a double major BA in Sociology from Binghamton University. I have taken courses in Political Science, International Relations, Sociology, and History, which has accustomed to me to multidisciplinary studies and approaches to research.

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BSc. Global and International Affairs, 2019, Middle East Technical University

BSc. Global and International Affairs, 2019, SUNY at Binghamton

BA. Sociology, 2019, SUNY at Binghamton

MA. Asian Studies, 2022, Boğaziçi University

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